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About Sennergi


Sennergi a company with a range of interests that include Entrepreneurship Development, Personal Development, Inspirational/Motivational Talks; Sales Coaching, Unique Business and Entrepreneurial Events, Business Development Partnerships and Community Development.


Our strategy focuses primarily on pursuing growth through trusting relationships and unique business opportunities.


We work best with motivated companies and individuals, companies and Individuals who are willing to try new things and value great relationships. 


What We Stand For

We believe that conscious networking leads to better communication, better relationships, better business, and ultimately, a better world.

We are passionate about generating a healthy return on investment while still placing emphasis on social change and the importance of community and environment.          


We use our PURPOSE, PASSION and VALUES to make a difference to business and society. 

Sennergi believes that people and ideas change the world. We believe that “Just doing things well isn't enough anymore. To stand out, you have to do things right too”.


What We Do

Manufacturing of COVID19 PPE FACE SHIELDS

Sennergi manufactures and supplies Government and the Private Sector

Fully Recyclable
Does Not Fog Up
Can Be Re-Used After Sanitising
Replacement Shield Available on Request
Easy Clip On – Clip Off   
400 Micron PET Full Face Visor – (220 L x 275 W x 0.4 T) mm
    Durable and Strong Injection Moulded Polypropylene Frame
Adjustable Natural Rubber Strap – (230 L x 10 W x 2 T) mm
Comfortable Fit with Neoprene Sponge Padding– (240 L x 10 W x 3)
Tapered bottom to allow your head to turn freely
Approved by Gauteng Health Department Procurement for COVID19  

Face_Shield_Image  Face_Shield_Image_2

Entrepreneurship Development, Motivational and Inspirational Talks

David and his team is well known for inspiring people from different walks of life to become greater versions of themselves. From corporate executives and the health conscious, to the ordinary man on the street. His presence and encounters has left many people inspired to embark on a journey of self-discovery, unleashing their internal strength so that they become the best that they can be.

                                                                Sales Coaching & Emotional Intelligence Talks


David an team teaches sales agents in call centres, sales professionals and entrepreneurs an alternative way of selling, using Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness. He focuses on what he calls ‘Head space and Heart space’ and takes you on a journey of Mind Power and Heart Intelligence resulting in a more sustainable and successful sales journey. Focusing on the soft skills of selling and the technical side as well. Selling has changed over the last 10 years, sales professionals and entrepreneurs need to adapt to the new way customers are purchasing including behavioural patterns.


Unique Business and Entrepreneurial Events

We thrive in unique experiences by connecting premier brands. We offer our clients unique tailored experiences, connecting clients and target market, creating sustainable and valuable relationships. We offer entrepreneurship events, champagne breakfasts and executive nights profiling business and entrepreneurial speakers. We develop small business owners by collaborating with corporate South Africa by providing monthly entrepreneurial events at Monash University.  David has created great exposure and partnerships for Monash University, thus been offered an opportunity to sit on the board as an advisor to the professor on entrepreneurship and skills development.

Business Development Partnerships

Sennergi thrives in connecting and taking brands to market. We believe in authentic partnerships that add value to both parties. Sennergi has a great track record in sales development and marketing experience.

Sennergi owns the Business Development rights in Africa for SAVE ME Medical ICE Solutions. A very new and exciting digital solution that offers customers a way of communicating vital medical information, while in an accident through NFC Technology.


Sports Development

Sennergi has a great track record in facilitating product, unused items by donating to children who are need in various sporting sectors.

                                                                                             Soft Skills

Sennergi’s mission is to unlock an individual’s limitations and release their potential by providing them with tools to bridge the unemployment gap. Our focus is on advice and referral, life skills, job readiness, social programmes, end- user accredited programmes, culinary, learnerships and job placements.

Community Development


Sennergi Community Development was founded to develop anyone, young and old to achieve greatness in life and business. Together with local and international partners, we’ve invested in ensuring that anyone looking to develop in leadership, technical, and life skills can earn a livelihood.

Whether it’s landing a first job, growing a business, or personal growth, every person deserves the opportunity to realise his or her full potential. Rooted in the belief of people as problem-solvers, change-makers, and leaders, our initiatives are catalysts for change and underpinned by a strong life skills component.

                                                                                        Life Coaching


Our life coach, corporate coach, trained psychologist, counsellor and NLP practitioner empowers by helping others to find the skills and tools to help themselves, so that they can be the best version in all areas of their life’s.

The​ Team - David Hounson

David Hounson, Entrepreneur, Sales Coach, Inspirational Speaker and Dedicated Father, using Mind Power and Heart Intelligence to transform lives. David lived in London for 7 years and gained extensive experience in sales, marketing, and advertising. David and his wife Taryn run various projects which include business development (access to markets), sales training, entrepreneurial events and business events.

David has worked with local and international brands such as Monash South Africa, JHB Culinary & Pastry School, Glen Grant Whiskey, Chill Beverages, Diners Club international, Jaguar Land Rover, Zennith Swiss Watches, The Blue Train, Vodacom, The Wine Bar Soweto, Standard Bank, Mercantile Bank, King Price, Assupol, 3Way Marketing and Issey Miyake to name a few.

David believes that we all have the POWER within us to achieve and create greatness, and that we have to practice patience, and love to discover our true being, and our unique purpose on earth. 

David teaches sales agents in call centres an alternative way of selling, using Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness. David focuses on what he calls ‘Head space and Heart space’ and takes you on a journey of Mind Power and Heart Intelligence resulting in a more sustainable and successful sales journey. By acknowledging and honouring the human element, heart-centred leaders possess the wisdom and capacity to positively transform any organisation and run extremely successful and profitable businesses.

David is known for inspiring people from different walks of life. He connects people and facilitates handshakes. His presence and encounters have left many people inspired to embark on a journey of self-discovery, unleashing their internal strength in order for them to become the best that they can be.

David Hounson was interviewed on SABC 3’s Top Billing and Entrepreneur Magazine SA for his unique approach to motivating & inspiring entrepreneurs and employees.

David shares various talks on:

  • Power of the Mind in Business, Sales & Life

  • Heart Intelligence in Business, Sales & Life

  • Life & Business Coaching

  • The Power of Perseverance

  • Entrepreneurship Self-Awareness

  • Sales Psychology

  • Discipline & Focus  


The​ Team - Leslee Dalton


Leslee is a certified Life Coach, Corporate Coach, trained psychologist, counsellor, NLP practitioner, inspirational speaker, mother of 2 and a lover of life.  She is originally from the mountains of North Carolina in America but has been living in South Africa for 15 years. She believes in empowering others and helping others to find the skills and tools to empower and help themselves so that they can be the best version of themselves. She runs a consulting company where she provides individual, group and corporate coaching.  And she is a director of a NGO for the youth.  She teaches drama, runs a talent agency and runs camps so that she can instil confidence and empower others. 

Leslee was chosen as a Transcendent Woman for Africa Business Radio and was interviewed as a top business woman in South Africa.  She is a social entrepreneur that is running several companies in South Africa.  She has been interviewed by Drum Magazine, I Do Magazine, True Love Magazine, and several newspapers in South Africa and in Zimbabwe.  She worked in International Relations with the People’s Progressive Party in Zimbabwe. She was recognized as someone that was bringing positive change to the continent of Africa in the news in Zimbabwe.

She provides workshops in corporate and in schools. She has been trained in organizational development and management, sales and Human Relations.  She is currently working on a book and currently Vlogs to reach out to others and to empower others.  She was highlighted in a local South African newspaper for her attempt to help, educate and support others in the community through her You Tube Channel. 

She coached, counselled and ran a Clinical Program in the U.S. before she moved to South Africa. She provided services for the community and the schools to help children with behavioural issues and she ran groups, and did parent training.  She wants to pursue the same type of goals in South Africa, where she can encourage individuals, communities and corporate entities to succeed so that we can succeed on every level. She believes that if we lay the proper foundation then people will be able to succeed and be happy and satisfied with their lives on a personal and professional level.  She is highly passionate about her purpose in life and believes in helping others to see the potential that lies within them and gives them the tools to tap into their full potential.  Leslee has brought her skills and education all the way from the states to South Africa to have a positive impact in the country and throughout the continent of Africa.



The​ Team - Elizabeth Kannemeyer

Zealous in her pursuit of Christ and lives her life on Kingdom principles. Liz, as she is fondly known, is passionate about equipping people, to assist then to make meaningful life decisions when choosing a career with her focus being more on the youth.

After 22 years of being in the corporate world, Liz has gained qualifications in Human Resource, Recruiting, Payroll, Accounting, Business Management. Liz successfully completed her certificate as NLP life coach with NLP training academy in 2017. She completed her leadership training with the 318 Transformational Leadership Engine institution under the mentorship of Dr Maxwell Holland in 2018.

Liz is also the author of her biographic book, Purpose Shaped Pain, soon to be published during 2020.

Liz is a volunteer counsellor at AFVEP Flomaton Survivor empowerment programme, a life coach with the NLP Foundation and has most recently been appointed as a member on the executive team of Black Business Counsel for Gauteng Province Economic Development RSA.  Liz is also the director of the Greater Sophia Town Association responsible for the development of our youth in the entire western area of Gauteng.

Liz was born and raised in Cape Town, Mitchell`s Plain and is married to Kevin Kannemeyer for 25 years.  In her “downtime”, Liz and Kevin spend quality time with their 3 children, Chad, Chanelle and Kyle, their daughter-in-law, Caitlin and their energetic grandchild, Carly.

She lives by the motto: I will do what is right at all times even If it means I need to stand alone.

                      Our Work 

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