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                                                  “Love yourself first then you find yourself ” David Hounson


  Motivational & Inspirational Speaker using Power of The Mind & Heart to Transform Lives

  • Power of the Mind & Heart in Business, Sales & Life 
  • Number 1 Sales Record Holder for 4 consecutive years in Advertising Sales for Succeed Magazine / Essential Publishing
  • Developed Sales Department for Hot Mustard Advertising Agency
  • Worked with Graduates and Sales Teams including The Professional Body for Accounting Technicians, General Motors Tommy Martin Dealership, CTM and JHB Culinary & Pastry School to name a few
  • Panel Discussion - PRISA Jumpstart at Cliff Central Studio
  • Interviewed on Top Billing for his unique approach to Motivate Entrepreneurs using Heart Intelligence 
  • Watch Top Billing Interview here: 
  • Guest Speaker at eTalkz for Entrepreneurs 

  David Hounson – a dedicated husband, father, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker.

David is well known for inspiring people from different walks of life to become greater versions of themselves. From corporate executives; to the health-conscious ones in health clubs; to the ordinary man on the street, his presence and encounters has left many people inspired to embark on a journey to self-discovery; and unleashing their internal strength so that they become the best that they can be. 


After extensive travelling overseas and residing in London for 7 years, David returned to South Africa in 2004 and began a career as TeleSales Executive at Succeed Magazine. This contributed greatly to his personal development. He achieved outstanding sales records that remained unbeatable, while inspiring his fellow colleagues to reach their full potential. 


His talent and selfless contribution to the people he meets landed him an opportunity for a great collaboration. He moved on from Succeed Magazine to head up the business development section at a dynamic advertising agency Hot Mustard, where he also became a business partner. After a while, David felt it was time he took the bull by the horns and explored entrepreneurship on a greater scale, he moved on from the ad agency, to run his own business, in partnership with his wife.   


David and his wife Taryn run various projects from sales & marketing to the manufacturing of Low GI products. However, things didn’t always go as smoothly as he had hoped, there were challenges that threatened the well-being of his family. 


In his talks, David shares this experience, and how he almost went bankrupt at the age of 36. More importantly, he shares how he used HEART INTELLIGENCE, SELF-AWARENESS, LOVE & MINDFULNESS to elude bankruptcy. 


David uses his gift of talking and seeing beyond just the physical person to connect companies, brands and people, through one simple principle – inspiring them to use HEART INTELLIGENCE and MINDFULNESS to achieve life’s meaningful blessings. 


Corporates, churches, schools/universities, sales teams and individuals have all benefitted from David’s unique approach to inspire. 


David believes that we all have the POWER within us to achieve and create greatness, and that we have to practice patience, love and discover our true being; and our unique purpose on earth. 


To book David Hounson, please contact Taryn Human on 011 475 6718 / 082 306 2077 and/or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.